viernes, 20 de abril de 2007

Feria homework

Hi, everybody. This is the homework you have to do during the Feria. It is a listening exercise which you have to do in two phases.
You can also find this information in our page.

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macondo dijo...

Hi!I'm trying to explain my doubt,and of course I hope that you could understand it.
I've made the listening (Feria homework) and now I don't know what I must do. Is a composition between Mr Smith and examinator ? is a composition with mistakes of Mr Smith? or what are the conditions that could have a school driving?
I hope that you could understand my,bye

macondo dijo...

Hi! I'm trying to ask the question in English and i'm trying that you could understand to me.
I've made the listening and now I don't know what I must do ,It's a composition about the conversation between Mr Smith and the examinator ? or a composition about schooll of driving.
I hope that you recive this and than in that case I don't wrong a lot,bye

Sylvia dijo...

Hi, Macondo
I'm sorry, I have just seen your comment on your Feria homework. I don't know who you are, so maybe you were in class yesterday. In case you weren't: yes, it is a dialogue between Mr Smith and a driving officer, a person who is testing him on his driving abilities, and who will give him his driving license if he passes the test.