sábado, 24 de febrero de 2007

Going to the Doctor

Here is a link to a new page I created. I think it will be interesting for you because it deals with stuff you are used to.

lunes, 5 de febrero de 2007

My Delicious

Do you remember I told you about Delicious? /¿Os acordáis de que os hablé del Delicious?
Here you have the link to mine. You will find interesting pages about what we have studied and more / Aquí tenéis el enlace para el mío. Os iré poniendo páginas que me parezcan interesantes para vosotros sobre las cosas que hemos estudiado y más.
I hope you will use it / espero que lo utilicéis.
My Delicious

Our last day together

Hi, everybody!
I think it's time to start in English. Here are some pictures from our last day, at the cafeteria and in the "meeting room" where we saw the films (or movies, as you prefer). I hope you'll enjoy them!

La Profe de Inglés

Aquí os dejo un retrato, para que no os olvidéis de mí.